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1 months ago

Every night you dream that you talk to a genie, when you wake up you can’t remember what you wished for. One morning you wake up with a giant crab pincer replacing your right arm. What do you do?

2 months ago

Every night you dream that you talk to a genie, when you wake up you can’t remember what you wished for. One morning you wake up with a giant crab pincer replacing your right arm. What do you do?

2 months ago
The World Bank has agreed to give a loan of 225 million dollars to Bangladesh

The World Bank has agreed to give a loan of 225 million dollars to Bangladesh
The World Bank has agreed to give a loan of 225 million dollars to Bangladesh. The loan will be given for five development projects in regional trade and communication, disaster preparedness and environmental management. The loan agreement was signed between Bangladesh and the global lender at the World Bank headquarters on Monday (May 1).

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and World Bank President David Malpass were present at this time. The five projects are, Resilient Infrastructure Building Project (RIVER), Bangladesh Environment Sustainability and Transformation (BEST), Accelerating Transport and Trade Connectivity in Eastern South Asia (ACCESS)-Bangladesh Phase-I, First Bangladesh Green and Climate Resilient Development (GCRD) and Sustainable Microenterprise and Resilient Transformation (SMART).

Among these projects is the $500 million Resilient Infrastructure Building Project for Adaptation and Risk Reduction, which is the first major investment project to implement Delta Plan 2100. This will help improve disaster preparedness against inland flooding. The second project is Bangladesh Environmental Sustainable and Transformation (BEST) at a cost of USD 250 million.

It will help strengthen environmental management in Bangladesh and encourage private sector participation in green investment. The third project is Accelerating Transport and Trade Connectivity in Eastern South Asia (ACCESS)-Bangladesh Phase-I at a cost of USD 753.45 million which will help Dhaka to increase regional trade and connectivity.

The fourth project is the USD 500 million First Bangladesh Green and Climate Resilient Development (GCRD) which will help the country in green and climate resilient development. And the fifth and last project is USD 250 million Sustainable Microenterprise and Resilient Transformation (SMART). It will help transform the small scale industry sector into a more dynamic, less polluting, efficient and climate resilient growth sector. Source: Bass.

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has arrived in Washington, USA

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has arrived in Washington, USA
From Washington (United States): Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina arrived in Washington after a 4-day bilateral visit to Japan. He landed at the Dallas airport in Washington at 3:35 pm local time. After the US tour, he will go to London from there.

The Prime Minister left for Washington’s Dallas International Airport on a United Airlines flight from Haneda International Airport at 4:20 PM Tokyo time on Friday (April 28). After the formalities at the airport, he will proceed to his visiting residence in Washington. During his visit to the United States, he will participate in a program titled ‘Reflection on 50 Years of World Bank-Bangladesh Partnership’ on the occasion of 50 years of relationship between Bangladesh and the World Bank at the World Bank headquarters on Monday (May 1).

On the same day, the Prime Minister will attend lunch with the President, Managing Director and Vice-President of the World Bank. Besides, he will meet with the board members of the World Bank. A delegation of businessmen led by the President and Chief Executive Officer of the United States Chamber of Commerce will meet the Prime Minister during the visit.

 During her visit to Washington, the Prime Minister will participate in several programs, including attending a civic reception organized by the expatriate Bangladeshi community living in the United States.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will go to London, United Kingdom from Washington on Thursday (May 4). The Prime Minister is visiting London at the invitation of King Charles III of Britain. On Friday (May 5), Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will attend the reception ahead of the coronation of the new king and queen at Buckingham Palace. Besides, Sheikh Hasina will also attend a program with Commonwealth leaders on this day.

The King and Queen will attend the coronation reception at Westminster on Saturday (May 6). During his visit to London, he will participate in various programs including a program of Cambridge University and the reception of Bangladeshi expatriates in the UK. Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came to Tokyo on a bilateral visit on Tuesday (April 25) at the invitation of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. On arrival in Tokyo, the Prime Minister was given a red carpet reception and a static guard of honor at the Haneda International Airport. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina met Emperor Naruhito of the country during the visit.

The most important thing in this visit is the bilateral meeting with the country’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday (April 26) evening. In this meeting, the two prime ministers upgraded the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Japan from 'comprehensive partnership’ to 'strategic partnership’. After the bilateral meeting between Fumio Kishida and Sheikh Hasina, the two countries signed 8 agreements and understandings to enhance cooperation in various fields.

Signed the memorandum. During the visit, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had a courtesy call on Japanese Foreign Minister, President of JICA, President of Japan Bangladesh Parliamentary Friendship League, Governor of Japan Bank for International Cooperation, famous architect Tadao Ando and others. He exchanged views with top Japanese businessmen, inaugurated the Bangladesh Investment Conference, attended the reception of Bangladeshi expatriates living in Japan.

 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited the National Museum of Science and Innovation, Miraikan. In a separate event, he honored 4 Japanese citizens who contributed to the liberation war of Bangladesh. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will return home on Tuesday (May 9) morning after the three-country tour. Source: Banglanews

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Toll collection on Padma Bridge is Tk 660 crore

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said that since the launch of Padma Bridge on June 25, 660 crore tolls have been collected so far.

And 77 lakh taka has been collected from motorcycles. He said this at an exchange meeting with the officials of the Bridge Department and Bangladesh Bridge Authority at Setubhaban in the capital on Wednesday (April 26).

At this time, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader has instructed the concerned parties to make preparations from now to make the coming Eid-ul-Azhar Eid Yatra comfortable and smooth like the holy Eid-ul-Fitr. He said, cow market, cattle carts and rain will be associated with the next Idyatra.

So Idul Azha is more challenging than Idul Fitr. For that purpose, preparations should be made from now. Obaidul Quader said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel built at the bottom of Karnaphuli in Chittagong by next September.

77,000 motorcycles have crossed the Padma Bridge since April 20. 77 lakh taka has been collected in toll. Apart from this, 660 crores of tolls have been collected since the Padma Bridge was launched.

In the meantime, the first installment of Tk 316 crore has been returned to the government and the second installment will be deposited in the next month of June. The Minister of Road Transport and Bridges said, this year’s journey has been comfortable, the journey back to work has also been comfortable so far. However, even though the traffic congestion is less, the accidents have not decreased much.

So many bridges, so many roads have been built, still positive progress is not happening here. We are not giving up. The work is challenging. It is possible to overcome it.

The minister said that the road safety project worth 5000 crores has been approved recently. Work will start soon. If this is implemented, accidents will be reduced. The Bridge Minister said, this year there was a collective effort, the road was good, passable and usable. That’s why the journey is comfortable.

Bridge Department Secretary Manjur Hossain, various project managers and bridge and bridge authority officials were present in the exchange meeting. Source: Banglanews

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Expected rain fell in Rajshahi

Expected rain fell in Rajshahi
Finally the fever is over. Expected rain fell in Rajshahi. Life returned to nature. The 42-degree scorching sun and scorching heat of Holy Ramadan brought relief to the public life.

On Monday (April 24), clouds started playing in the sky after noon. The sky gradually darkened. After 5:30 in the afternoon, light stormy wind started blowing. The dust storm game lasted for about half an hour. Then it began to drizzle. After a short break, it takes the form of a musaldhar. Then it rained continuously till 6:30. After that, it rained intermittently throughout the night.

According to Rajshahi Meteorological Office, Rajshahi has recorded 4.2 mm rainfall till 6 pm. And on Monday, the maximum temperature was 34.4 degrees Celsius. Before this, the last rain on April 3 was 3.3 mm. And before that, on April 2, it rained 6.2 millimeters. Then the scorching sun and fire of Chaitra started. 20 consecutive days.

The people of this region were waiting like chatak birds for this rain of relief. Especially the hard working people, mango farmers and Boro paddy farmers were eagerly waiting. “Salatul Istiska” prayers were also performed collectively in Rajshahi due to the hot weather.

The mango pulp was dripping in this intense heat. Boro paddy fields were drying up. There was also a suicide attempt of tribal farmers without getting irrigation water to drink. After the rain of blessing, the smile is returning to nature.

Farmer Asadul Islam of Belda village of Mohanpur Khasigram Union of Rajshahi said that there will be some damage in the boro lands where paddy is being harvested in this rain. But his paddy is not ripe yet. Blessings for rice. After two days it rained again and it was better.

Mango grower Sabier of Damkura of Paba Upazila said that he has about 20 mango trees. Due to the strong sun, the pods were falling. Watering under the tree did not help much either. But it will be good in the sky rain. This rain was much needed.

Rajib Khan, weather observer of Rajshahi Meteorological Office, said that the temperature is slightly lower than a day ago. Before this, the sky of Rajshahi was cloudy for the last two days. Even though a couple of drops of rain fell in the morning of this day, there was no rain in the Musaldhar. Starting Monday afternoon.
He also said that they had told about the possibility of rain after the last 20 days. On the 24th, the expected rain came.

Meanwhile, heatwave started in Rajshahi from the beginning of this month. The intense heat wave started from April 13. Till April 20, the maximum temperature mercury remained at 42 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the minimum temperature mercury was also upward. The minimum temperature did not fall below 23 degrees Celsius after last April 15. In this, people’s life was sweltering with the highest temperature during the day and scorching heat at night. And load shedding was added to this suffering. Which added to the suffering level. And the highest temperature of the season was 42.6 degrees Celsius last April 17.

This rain is not only a boon for mangoes and boro rice; Rather, the agriculturists think that it is protective. Additional Director of Rajshahi Regional Agriculture Extension Directorate Shamsul Wadud said that this rain was much expected by the farmers. Due to the lack of rain for a long time, there were some problems in the agriculture of the region. The mango pulp was falling. This rain is more beneficial for mango and boro paddy. Besides, it is beneficial for all other fruits.

Long time ago
Pentagon leaker arrested
The FBI has arrested a 21-year-old man in connection with the leak of secret military and intelligence documents of the US Department of Defense Pentagon online.
22Long time ago
Young man arrested for leaking Pentagon documents

Pentagon leaker arrested
The FBI has arrested a 21-year-old man in connection with the leak of secret military and intelligence documents of the US Department of Defense Pentagon online. The youth arrested on Thursday has been identified as Jack Douglas Tishera. He is a member of the US Air National Guard.

The leak has embarrassed the US in front of its allies around the world. Reuters reported that US federal agents arrested Teshera at his home in Dighton, Massachusetts.

 Soon after the arrest, Tishara, dressed in shorts, T-shirt and sneakers, was quickly taken away in an armored vehicle. Dighton is a small wooded town about 50 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts.

 Only eight thousand people live in the city. The leak was first reported in detail a week ago. It embarrasses the US as it exposes spying on allies and Ukraine’s military weakness.

Most of the leaked documents were posted on social media. In 2010, the WikiLeaks website leaked more than 700,000 secret documents, videos and diplomatic messages to the United States; Since then, this incident is being considered as the most serious security breach.

According to service records, Tishera was an Airman First Class at Otis Air National Guard Base in Massachusetts. He joined the Air National Guard in 2019 and worked as a ‘Cyber Transport Systems Journeyman’ or an IT specialist.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland told reporters that Tischera was being sought in connection with an ongoing investigation into allegations of the transfer, retention and unauthorized removal of classified national defense information. The FBI said its detectives conducted an “authorized raid” on a home in North Dighton, Massachusetts.

Tishera was taken into custody without incident, Garland said. Aerial news video showed two Tishera’s held behind the head being walked backwards towards an armored vehicle.

 He was then handcuffed and placed in the back of a car. However, the US Department of Justice has not said what charges will be brought against Tishera. But he could face criminal charges for possessing and disseminating national defense information.

Teshera is expected to be arraigned Friday, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston said. Source: BDNews

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Chapainawabganj awameleuge, Bnp & Bussines Man leader - Blogger https://awameleuge.blogspot.com/2018/06/chapai-awameleuge-leader.html via @GoogleNews
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Discovery of 'flesh-eating' bacteria in America
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14-day-old baby pregnant, surgery found three fetuses
1Long time ago
14-day-old baby pregnant, surgery found three fetuses

The doctors were also shocked by the surprise. How is this possible? 14 days pregnant baby! Varanasi incident in Uttar Pradesh. The two-week-old child fell ill suddenly. He was quickly brought to the hospital.

On examination, the doctors found that there were three fetuses in the baby’s womb. The embryo is surgically removed. The child is healthy for now. The child underwent surgery at Sundarlal Hospital in Varanasi. According to hospital sources, a few days ago a couple from Mau district brought their 14-day-old child to the hospital.

The child was suffering from respiratory problems and allergies. However, the exact cause of this illness was not diagnosed at first. An ultrasound and a CT scan were then performed. It was then discovered that the baby had three fetuses in her womb. After that the doctors decided to operate. The surgery was completed smoothly under the supervision of 7 doctors.

The weight of the baby at the time of birth was 3 kg 300 g. After surgical removal of the embryo, the baby weighs 2 kg 800 g. But the question is, where did the fetus come from in the stomach of the 14-day-old baby? Doctor Shota Kachhap at Sundarlal Hospital in Varanasi said that these three embryos belong to the child’s mother. Somehow it gets into the baby’s stomach.

According to doctors, such incidents are rare but do happen in some cases. It affects one in 5 lakh children. Source: News Daily

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Watch “Teaching Funny School girl how We Make Happy Family Planning” on #Vimeo https://vimeo.com/289494244
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Risha's solo act.
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Vidyananda Foundation's 'Eid Bazaar at Nominal Price'

Vidyananda Foundation’s ‘Eid Bazaar at Nominal Price’

“Food for 1 taka, Iftar for 1 taka, treatment for 1 taka” - this is how Vidyananda Foundation has made a place in the hearts of the helpless, poor and underprivileged people of Rajshahi by conducting all humanitarian activities. Even if the nominal price is kept at 1 rupee, the quality of the service provided is very good. Basically, the volunteers of the foundation are delivering this free humanitarian program to the poor with a token of 1 rupee. Which is being appreciated in all corners of Rajshahi.

In this market of rising commodity prices, the normal life of low-income people has been breathed into. The cost also increases the pressure on two handfuls of food. However, being a peddler of humanity, Vidyananda Foundation is reaching the mouths of these people sometimes with iftar, sometimes food, and sometimes first aid ferry. Which has conveyed a message of relief to the helpless people of slum area of Rajshahi.

It is known that this organization is distributing free iftar with a special plan around the month of Ramadan with food scheme for 1 taka throughout the year. Every day the volunteers of the organization are reaching the doorsteps of 400 families with Iftar. Besides, at the beginning of every week, they deliver Iftar to 1000 pedestrians and helpless people in 12 police stations through Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP). Besides, on April 6 (Thursday), 400 destitute people broke fast at a community center with the help of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police at a token price of 1 rupee. The image of these helpless and distressed people sitting together with the policemen at Iftar also gave a different dimension to humanitarian policing activities.

Not only at the city center, but also at the upazila level, their humanitarian activities have received a response. Apart from this, in view of the upcoming Eid, the “Name only price” is starting on April 16. Those concerned think that this will also get a massive response. However, the planning is still ongoing as to what is going on in this Eid market.

The organization is working with healthy and helpless people in backward and slum areas including Shyampur, Middle Char, Charkhutar Mor, Bhadra Basti, Jamalpur, Fultala, Balur Ghat, Panchabati. The organization has made a place in the hearts of these underprivileged people through various humanitarian activities.

Iftar is being distributed to pedestrians every Saturday under the initiative of the foundation in coordination with RMP. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Media) Rafiqul Alam is supervising the Iftar distribution program from the field level.

RMP Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Media) Rafiqul Alam said that the way Vidyananda Foundation has stood by the needy people in this Ramadan by supplying and making iftar items is very admirable. Especially in the current situation, this initiative of theirs was very necessary for these helpless people. RMP always welcomes such humanitarian initiatives. RMPO has sincerely extended its hand of maximum cooperation. It is the moral duty of each of us to stand beside these people even from our own place.

In this regard, Rajshahi in-charge of Vidyananda Foundation Moushumi Akhtar said that the free iftar distribution project was undertaken considering the destitute and helpless people in the month of Ramzan. The menu includes chicken tehri, eggs, dates, salat, coke and water, which is being distributed to 400 families every day. An arrangement of quality food is always made. Apart from this, the “Eid Bazaar at nominal price” program has also been taken up to share the joy of Ramadan. It will start from next 16th.

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What is going to happen in the world on Friday, 15 Ramadan?

What is going to happen in the world on Friday, 15 Ramadan?
What is going to happen on 15 Ramadan? Social media is abuzz with rumors that the world will be destroyed. The same discussion is going on everywhere. Is there a clear explanation of the Qur'an-Hadith about this?
For several days, only one thing has been going around in the minds of common people. What is going to happen in the world on Friday, 15 Ramadan? Especially in several countries including Bangladesh, this confusion is spreading even more as this year’s Ramadan begins on Friday. But one thing that is not understood is that in many countries including Saudi Arabia, fasting does not start on Friday and 15th of Ramadan is also not a Friday. But are they the exception? Will they survive the destruction of the world?
The recent spread of the destruction of the world is a rumor. Because the biggest sign of doomsday is the appearance of Imam Mahdi. The Aqeedah of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat in the light of the prophecy narrated by Nabiji sallallahu alaihi wa sallam is that the promised appearance of Imam Mahdi in the last age is true. Imam Mahdi will be from the Prophet’s family. It has been mentioned in the hadith-
Hazrat Umm Salma Radiyallahu Anhu said, I heard Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam saying, “The Mahdi will be from the Fatimi clan of Ahl al-Bayt.” (Abu Dawud 4284)
What will be the condition before the destruction of the world?
Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam also said, ‘If there is only one day left before the Day of Resurrection, Allah will prolong that day and send a person from my family. His name will match my name and his father’s name will match my father’s.’ (Abu Dawud 4282)
Hazrat Hozaifa Radiyallahu Anhu narrated, His appearance will be like a bright star.’ (Kanjul Ummal 38666)
Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri Radiyallahu Anhu narrated that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, Imam Mahdi will have a broad forehead and a long and narrow nose.’ (Abu Dawud 4285)
The situation of the world will be terrible in that time before the doomsday or the destruction of the world. It has been mentioned in the hadith-
Hazrat Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu Anhu narrated that the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, By that great being! In Whose hand is my life, there will surely come upon mankind a time when the killer will not understand why he killed and the slain will not understand why he was killed.’ (Muslim 2908)
15 Is the description of the hadith about Ramadan correct?
There is a hadith related to the signs of the revelation of Imam Mahdi. Some Friday will be on the 15th of Ramadan. On that day there will be a loud noise in the sky. The hadith is narrated by Firoz Daylami, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, “There will be a sound in one Ramadan”. The companions asked, 'O Messenger of Allah! At the beginning or in the middle of Ramadan? Or at the end?’ Nabiji sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, 'No, rather in the middle of Ramadan. Right in the middle of Ramadan night. A voice will come from the sky on Friday night. 70,000 people will faint and 70,000 will become deaf at the prevalence of that word.
Scholars of hadith have identified this narration of hadith as very weak and many as invalid and fabricated hadith. The description given is not correct. Rather, at the end of this hadith, the Companions asked, O Messenger of Allah! Who among your Ummah will be safe on that day? Nabiji Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, 'Those who stay in their homes, prostrate themselves and seek refuge in Allah and say Allahu Akbar in a loud voice. Another word will come later. The first word will be Jibreel’s, the second will be Satan’s.
According to the tradition of events described in this long hadith, the word will come in Ramadan. The fiercest battle will take place in Shawwal. The tribes of Arabia will revolt in the month of Zilqad. The incident of Hajj looting will happen in the month of Zilhaj. And the beginning of Muharram is danger for my Ummah, the end is liberation. The vehicle on which a Muslim will be liberated on that day will be considered better to him than a house full of entertainment worth one lakh.’ (Al Muzamul Kabir Lit Tabarani 18/332/853)
About this hadith, Sheikh Albani (RA) said, the hadith is a fabrication. Ibn al-Jawzi mentions the hadith in his book Maujuat i.e. collection of fabricated hadiths. (3/191)
Imam Zahabi said, the hadith is invalid. (Tartibul Ma'juat: 278)
Haysami says that the narration of this hadith has a narrator named Abdul Wahhab Ibnuj Zahhaq who is Matruk or apostate in the eyes of the Muhaddiseen. (Mazmauz Zawaid: 7/313)
Imam Ibnul Qayyim said, “Several hadiths of various events can be found by determining the date in advance. They are not Sahih.’ One of them is - 'There will be a sound on the Friday night of half Ramadan. 70,000 people will faint in this… 70,000 people will become dumb…’ (Al Manarul Munif: 96 pages)
Muhaddisin Keram has expressed his opinion that the hadith containing loud words in the midnight of 15 Ramadan is not correct. So it is important to be careful of these baseless rumours.
So be careful not to spread narratives that are not verifiably acceptable. There are many hadiths containing signs of the doomsday. It is necessary to discuss those hadiths as much as possible. It is important to seek forgiveness from Almighty Allah without listening to baseless rumours.
Source: Jagonews

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'Sexuality is a wonderful gift of God', what else did Pope Francis say?

‘Sexuality is a wonderful gift of God’, what else did Pope Francis say?
 Pope Francis openly discussed sexuality this time. According to him, there are few things as wonderful as sex. A documentary called 'The Pope Answers’ has been released by the Disney production company on Wednesday.

The documentary features Pope Francis discussing sexuality and abortion. Pope Francis had this discussion with ten adults in Rome last year. Part of that discussion is captured in the documentary. “Sex is a wonderful thing,” the Pope said.

If there is one wonderful gift of God in human life, it is sex.“ Pope Francis also commented on suicide. He said, "Expressing sexuality is a form of purity. If anyone expresses the contrary, then this sanctity is dishonored.” Source: Anandabazar Patrika.

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Trump has been charged with 34 crimes
Long time ago
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