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Lowering the tricolor and hoisting the Khalistani flag at the Indian Embassy in London

The Khalistani raised their own flag by lowering the Indian national flag at the Indian High Commission in London. India has strongly condemned Britain in this incident. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has summoned the highest ambassador. The Indian High Commission in London was attacked in protest against efforts to arrest Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh.

A number of Khalistani protested outside the Indian High Commission in London on Sunday afternoon. They broke through the security cordon and shouted slogans with yellow flags in their hands. Then a person pulled down the Indian flag. The yellow Khalistani flag was hoisted there. The gathered protestors raised several anti-India slogans. The video of the whole incident spread on the net world.

As soon as this incident came to light, India was shaken. Immediately, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement strongly condemning the British administration. It is said there, “The British administration completely failed to provide security to the Indian High Commission.” Britain has to answer how the Khalistanis entered the premises of the High Commission. The British government’s failure to provide adequate security to Indian diplomatic buildings and their staff will not be tolerated at all.“

It is known that the highest ambassador of Britain appointed in India has already been summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, the British High Commissioner tweeted to condemn the whole incident. Incidentally, a few days ago the Khalistani ransacked the Indian embassy in Brisbane. The building of the Indian High Commission was closed. India is worried about the violence of Khalistani in several countries.
Source: News Daily

Bus lost control from expressway and fell into ditch, 17 killed

The death toll in the road accident on the Bhanga-Dhaka Expressway in Madaripur’s Shibchar Upazila has increased to 17. At least 25 people were injured.
On Sunday (19 March) morning, the bus of Imad Paribahan from Khulna to Dhaka fell into a ditch in Qutubpur area.

According to the police, a bus of Imad Paribahan leaving from Khulna in the morning lost control and fell down in Qutubpur area of Shivchar on Bhanga-Dhaka Expressway before Padma Bridge. At this time, the bus was twisted. So far, the bodies of 17 passengers have been recovered from the scene. Besides, the injured have been rescued and sent to different hospitals in Shibchar and Dhaka.

Officer-in-Charge of Shibchar Highway Police (OC) Abu Naeem Md. Mofazzel Haque confirmed the incident to Jago News. He said the death toll is 17 people. Many were injured. Rescue work is going on.
Source: Jagonews

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Actress Mahi arrested from airport

Actress Mahiya Mahi has been arrested. He was arrested from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport around 12:15 pm on Saturday (March 18).
Gazipur Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner (North) Abu Torab. Shamsur Rahman confirmed this. Mahi went to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah Hajj with her husband.

Meanwhile, two cases have been filed against actress Mahia Mahi and her husband Rakib Sarkar. Gazipur Metropolitan Police filed a case under Digital Security Act. On Friday (March 17) night, Sub-Inspector (SI) of Basan police station Rokon Mia filed the case as the plaintiff.

Besides, local resident Ismail Hossain filed another case against them on the charge of land grabbing. Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Molya Nazrul Islam confirmed the matter to the Dhaka Tribune and said, “Mahi has accused Gazipur Metropolitan Police of taking bribe on Facebook. On the social media Facebook, the actress tried to get people’s sympathy by lying.

He also complained against the police. They are on a mission to debunk the police. But neither Mahi nor her husband came to me with any matter related to land. I do not even know those against whom he has complained today. The police have filed a case against them under the Digital Security Act (ICT) for maligning the image of the police.”

Earlier on Friday morning, Mahi, who was performing Umrah with her husband, accused Rakib’s car showroom of vandalism and attack on Facebook Live from Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
He said that an attack took place on Rakib Sarkar’s Soniraj Car Palace next to Alam Government College in Bhawal Badr under Basan police station of Gazipur city. -Bangla and Dhaka Tribune

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Bangladesh blew away Argentina

Bangladesh blew away Argentina:

Some are wrestlers, some are shuttlers. Someone else is a horse rider. Someone also played football. Argentina has come to Dhaka to play the Bangabandhu Cup International Kabaddi Tournament with a team made up of players from different disciplines.

Ricardo Acuna, the coach of the team and the president of the Kabaddi Association, said that they are new and immature in the world kabaddi. They said that they would be happy only if they could win a match.

After losing to Iraq in the first match of the Bangabandhu Cup 3rd International Kabaddi Tournament, they lost to hosts Bangladesh on Tuesday.

In two consecutive matches, the football nation has shown their long way forward in Kabaddi. Two-time champion Bangladesh got off to a great start by beating Poland in the opening match.

The audience was also very interested as the opponent was Argentina in the second match on Tuesday. Messi’s country’s kabaddi team! Although Bangladesh has passion for Messi, the red-green jersey holders did not show any sympathy for Messi’s country in Kabaddi.

Playing with dominance from the start against a weak opponent, Bangladesh won the match with a huge margin. Tuhin Tarafdar, Russell, Sabuj, Samrat started playing with dominance from the start and took top points. At one stage, Bangladesh led by 13-0 points.

And Bangladesh started the second half with a lead of 44-8 points. With 6 goals, Bangladesh beat Argentina by 72-23 points and won the second victory of the tournament. Mizanur Rahman of Bangladesh became the man of the match.

Earlier, Bangladesh and Argentina met only once in the 2016 World Cup. Bangladesh won the group match by 67-26 points.

On the second day, Indonesia defeated Malaysia by 36-23 points in the first match and Thailand beat Sri Lanka by 36-32 points in the second match. Source: Jagonews

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Bangladesh blew away Argentina
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Victor Osimhen is a big fan of Didier Drogba.
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Universal Bangladesh: West Bengal wants to remove Teesta water? https://awameleuge.blogspot.com/2023/03/west-bengal-wants-to-remove-teesta-water.html?spref=tw
16 days ago
West Bengal wants to remove Teesta water?

In West Bengal, the Mamata Banerjee-led government plans to build a series of new small hydropower plants upstream of the Teesta, which is feared to divert more water from the river’s flow. Bangladesh has been complaining for a long time that it is not getting its fair share of water from the Teesta. If this plan of West Bengal is implemented, the anger of that complaint will surely increase.

A glimpse of this has been found in a report of the Kolkata English daily The Telegraph. Even after three days of the news, there was no protest from the state government nor did they deny the news. Based on which it can be assumed, there is truth in this claim.

A tributary of the Teesta, Bara Rangit, the planned projects of West Bengal are being considered to be located on this river. Referring to such information, the report of The Telegraph says that two hydroelectric power stations named Teesta Low Dam Project (TLDP) 1 and 2 on Teesta’s tributary Bara Rangit are planned, both of which will have a total production capacity of 71 MW. The West Bengal government has also given the green signal to the concerned department to prepare the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the project.

In other words, government approval has already been obtained for the preparation of DPR.
It also states that Bara Rangit is a major tributary of the Teesta, whose water all flows into the Teesta. As a result, the large scale water draw for these projects will ultimately affect the Teesta itself. And as a result, less water will naturally go to Bangladesh. Teesta is such a sensitive issue at the international level that government officials are reluctant to open their mouths about it. However, they admitted to The Telegraph that the work on the project is progressing.

Incidentally, the West Bengal government has completed the land acquisition for cutting two more canals under the Teesta Barrage Project. Recently that news also came to light. Once these two canals are completed, more water will be diverted from the Teesta for irrigation.

A hydroelectric plant on the banks of the Teesta at Kalijhora has been in operation for a long time. Besides, an artificial link canal called ‘Tista Mahananda Link Canal’ has been running in the state for many years - which starts from Ghazaldoba in West Bengal and brings a large part of Teesta water to Mahananda river at a distance of 26 km.

Altogether, a large portion of Teesta’s water flow is being diverted through various hydroelectric power stations, irrigation canals or link canals, which is bound to increase with the commissioning of two new projects on the Big Rangit River.
However, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is identified as the main obstacle to the signing of the Teesta Agreement between India and Bangladesh, has repeatedly said, “The Teesta has dried up.”

How is it possible to share water in a river that has no water?’ In fact, it is seen that if the flow of water in Teesta is really reduced, then the role of Mamata Banerjee’s government is not less. Sikkim, the Indian state where the Teesta River originates, is doing the same by installing one hydroelectric project or cutting irrigation canals on the banks of the river.

But the Sikkim or West Bengal government always says that all the hydropower plants they have built on the Teesta are 'run of the river’ projects - that is, they use river water to turn turbines and generate electricity, and that water is returned to the river, not even a drop of it is wasted. is not In other words, the government claims that these projects do not divert any water from the river.

However, many river experts of West Bengal or Bangladesh do not agree with this statement. As Maitreyi Chowdhury, a professor at the Center for Himalayan Studies at the University of North Bengal in Siliguri, told the Bengali Tribune, 'There is no doubt that these hydropower projects disrupt the natural flow of the river.’
On this Teesta, if you go beyond Kalijhora towards Teestabazar, you will see that the river stops there and is still like a lake. Maitreyi Chowdhury was saying that Teesta’s natural exuberance, that enthusiasm - all of that has disappeared!
Besides, any new project means clearing the surrounding forest, and the removal of vegetation also reduces the water holding capacity of the soil. As a

 result, the soil cannot retain water during the rainy season, it flows directly into the river - and the river begins to dry up during the dry season!
That is why experts have no doubt that the installation of two more 71 MW hydropower plants on Bara Rangit will make the Teesta even more dead, especially during the dry season. Farmers of Bangladesh’s Teestapar will suffer more.
Source: Banglatribune

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Attempts to arrest Imran Khan amid the conflict, Pakistan in a new crisis

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Pakistan’s main opposition leader Imran Khan said authorities were working “beyond the law” in trying to arrest him.
“They should all be under the law,” he told the BBC.
Police clashed with his supporters outside the former prime minister’s residence on Tuesday. The clash ended when the police went there to arrest Imran on the orders of the court.

Police and security forces tried to arrest Imran even in the early hours of Wednesday, Dawn reported. His party Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) called on supporters to gather in front of Imran’s Zaman Park residence. They also alleged that the police again fired tear gas at the former prime minister’s residence.

In a speech given earlier in the night, 70-year-old Imran said that he will appear in the Islamabad court on Saturday and is ready to sign the bond. But the authorities want to arrest him.
Referring to the two terrorist attacks in the court, he also expressed concern about his safety.

In another tweet, the PTI chief claimed that the main objective of the authorities was to “disappear and kill” him, not to arrest him.
The former prime minister has been accused of selling state gifts while in power. Imran calls this allegation ‘politically motivated’.
The BBC wrote, there is a great tension in front of Imran’s residence in Lahore for the second day in a row. Police are making repeated attempts to enter the PTI chief’s residence to arrest him.

Attempts are underway to arrest Imran, tweets calling on supporters to 'come out’ Police fired tear gas shells to disperse Imran’s supporters, which was retaliated by PTI activists pelting bricks. Imran’s supporters torched a water tank of the Lahore Sewage Authority, several motorcycles and cars and vandalized a warden’s office on Mall Road, reports Dawn.

30 policemen are reported to have been injured in the clashes so far; At least 15 PTI workers have been detained.
Imran says the police have no reason to arrest him as he was on anticipatory bail till Saturday. But the government is determined to bring him to jail after several failed attempts.

“I am mentally prepared for the night in the jail cell. I don’t know how many nights I have to spend, but I am ready,” he said.
Addressing supporters, he also displayed tear gas canisters, which he claimed were fired at his residence.
He said that the authorities are trying to arrest him to prevent PTI from participating in the upcoming elections.
“But whether I am in jail or not, no one can stop my party from winning,” he said.

Pakistan’s Union Minister Maryam Aurangzeb said the move to arrest Imran had no connection with the election, the police were only working to implement a court order to arrest him in a corruption case. He also alleged that Imran was using his party leaders, women and children as human shields to evade arrest and create unrest.

PTI supporters also staged mass protests in other cities of Pakistan.
Imran, who was ousted in April last year, was pressuring his successor Shehbaz Sharif to hold early elections in one program and speech. General elections are scheduled to be held in the country later this year.
Imran also alleged that Sharif was behind the assassination attempt on him at a rally in November last year. The PTI chief was shot in the leg in the attack.
Source: BDNews

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Universal Bangladesh

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one of the funniest scenes ive seen in a while

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Bankruptcy in America one after the other! What is Biden’s message to deal with the situation?

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Bankruptcy in America one after the other! What is Biden’s message to deal with the situation?
American President Joe Biden warned those responsible for the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in America. He said that everyone should be held accountable for this.

Silicon Valley was the sixteenth largest bank in America. The bank was closed last Friday. The government acquired the money collected by the bank after it went bankrupt.

It is being called the biggest failure of the retail banking system since the global financial crisis of 2008. “Protect our historic and economic assets,” Biden said in a statement Sunday night about Silicon Valley

We will discuss how the banking system can be improved to do this. At the same time, those responsible for the collapse of the banking system must be held accountable.“ Silicon Valley Bank had become very popular in America. Many people trusted this bank and saved their hard earned money.

But the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley has eroded public confidence in America’s banking system. Biden has tried to restore it. On Monday, he said he would discuss improving the banking system to reassure citizens.

Silicon Valley Bank made huge savings in a short period of time by investing in technology-based startups. This bank authority invested in American bonds. But the Federal Reserve began raising interest rates last year to curb inflation, causing bond prices to fall.

Startups have also become increasingly vulnerable since the Corona pandemic. Losing confidence, customers started withdrawing money from the bank in a hurry.

Bank authorities have to sell their own shares to provide money to customers. As a result, the bank’s balance sheets were soon strained. A few days ago, the figures shown by Silicon Valley Bank said,

The bank has lost nearly $200 million in the past few days. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of California (FDIC) has taken charge of the customers’ money deposited in that bank. Source: Anandabazar Patrika

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Chapainawabganj Leader and Businessman

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Ex-Speaker Zamir Uddin fined Tk 27 lakh

Ex-Speaker Zamir Uddin fined Tk 27 lakh
The court has ordered a fine of Tk 27 lakh 86 thousand 364 in the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) case filed against former Speaker Barrister Zamir Uddin Sarkar for embezzlement.

Judge Pradeep Kumar Roy of Dhaka Special Judge Court-7 gave the order on March 6. Barrister Zamir Uddin Sarkar’s lawyer Hannan Bhuiyan confirmed the matter of the order on Monday (March 13). He said, I have filled Sonali Bank’s challan copy to deposit the fine.

I hope to pay the fine today. On December 28, 2010, ACC filed five separate cases at Agargaon police station against four people including Zamir Uddin Sarkar on charges of misusing power and allocating money for medical allowance while he was the Speaker of the National Assembly.

In the meantime (14/2019), the court ordered Zamir Uddin to deposit Tk 27 lakh 86 thousand 364 taken as medical allowance in the government treasury as fine. The judge mentioned in the order that he will be exempted from the remaining four cases if he pays the fine in this case.

The other three accused in the case are BNP’s former secretary general Khondkar Delwar Hossain, former parliament deputy speaker Akhtar Hamid Siddiqui and parliament official Ashraful Islam.
Source: Jagonews

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